The Hearts Start Here

For the last few years I’ve shared stories on Facebook about the little glass hearts I give out and the people I give them to. My original motivation was to record the especially, well… heartwarming encounters yet I worried that I’d be seen as simply blowing my own horn. “Look at me! Look what I do! Aren’t I special?” But to my surprise the stories have been very well received and my friends report vicariously experiencing the same joy and optimism that I do  during the encounters I write about.

In addition to my heart stories on Facebook, I occasionally tell personal true stories on topics from A to Zamboni onstage in Northern Virginia through Better Said Than Done.

Followers of both types of stories have told me I should make them available publicly. So after a great deal of foot-dragging I’ve created this blog. I’ll start by posting my backlog of FB stories and videos of my stage stories to date. The first story, to be posted very shortly, will explain why I give out those little glass hearts.

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