Clearly Uplifting

Facebook post from July 29, 2016:

It never fails to amaze me how being open to the world around me brings a little joy and a connection to something as mundane as standing in a checkout line. At lunchtime I picked up a few things at Target. I made eye contact and smiled at the woman next to me at the check-out, which led her to remark on the weather, which led to her talking about her husband’s stuffy, soulless, windowless work environment at the Brentwood postal facility in DC. It seemed as if she needed to vent and I was glad to be there to listen. I reached into my purse for a heart to hand to her. It was a clear one, my favorite. When I handed it to her she looked surprised, thanked me, and blurted out that she was a two-time breast cancer survivor and that “they just found another tumor” that would be coming out soon. Then she told me her name, Cathy, and I told her mine. I paid the cashier and took my bags and wished Cathy well. I didn’t think to say it at the time, but I hope the clear heart is a sign that she’ll soon be cancer free. Time of the entire conversation: Less than one minute.

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