The San Francisco Treatment

Here’s video from my most recent story, told on August 26, 2017 at The Auld Shebeen in Fairfax, VA as part of Better Said Than Done’s “Vacation and Other Disasters” show. Learn about the disastrous day trip to Monterey I incurred during a San Francisco vacation in October 1991. My narrative falls necessarily into the realm of creative non-fiction because 26 years later I remember only the basic sequence of events, not actual conversations or the finer details. My first draft, presented at rehearsal 2 weeks before the show, was basically a memory dump with a tentative framing device. The notes I got from my fellow storytellers helped me fill in some gaps and solidify the frame. In the interest of time and cohesiveness I had to compress some timelines, leave out some details and alter others. Along the way I gained some insights about why things played out the way they did all those years ago. I’m pleased with the final product and it got good feedback from the audience and my fellow storytellers. I’ll shut up now so you can watch the video. When you’re done and if you care to do so, read on below for a behind-the-scenes look at the actual events.

Go behind the scenes

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The Tip of the Storytelling Iceberg

Here’s the first of my storytelling performance videos, where I tell the tale of a love triangle involving me, a gentleman friend, and a sporty vehicle. This story, told at the Auld Shebeen in Fairfax, VA in June 2016 when the theme was “The Graduate,” is just about my very favorite. I told it again in July 2017 at Lake Anne Coffee House in Reston, VA. I was surprised at how little prep I needed to tell it again practically verbatim.

Note: When I say “1977” please mark your copy to read “1997.”

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